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Nuts'n Bolts Story

Nuts'n Bolts

Little did I know that my life was destined at such a young age. My dad died when I was 18 and I inherited Bolts, his juvenile kitten. I didn't even like cats, plus I didn't know where I was going to be living in the next few days. I gave him to my childhood friend, Janis, who lived in a cat crazy home. A couple of months later, I called Janis and said I wanted him back. Having him in my arms was like having my dad with me.

A few months later, my best friend, Betty, and I decided that Bolts needed a friend. We had already decided his name would be Nuts'n. So we went looking for a suitable kitten and adopted Nuts'n from the Berkely-East Bay Humane Society. Nuts'n was a normal, loving, friendly kitten, until he came down with distemper. He pulled through, but he was never the same. We took him to a second vet who gave us the bad news that he had neurological damage and suggested we send him to UC Davis for study. We declined. He never purred again (except when he was with Bolts). He never came to us, he never wanted to be held or touched, he only wanted to be with Bolts. They were buddies forever. Thank goodness, Bolts was normal, or I wouldn't have learned the joy of owning a cat.

I was out of town on Father's Day in 1989 when I got the call to come home. I made the five hour drive home, took Bolts to the emergency vet, and said good-bye. Within a month, it was Nuts'n's turn--at the age of 17. Whether he was that ill and we hadn't noticed because of his demeanor or if he simply gave up after he lost his best buddy, we will never know. But I swore I would never have another cat.

Yeah, right. Now I realize, that they taught me about life and love and how to be a friend.

When I met my husband a few months later, he wanted to get me a couple of birds for Christmas. I told him birds don't purr, I want kittens. As time had gone on, the pain was gone and I missed hearing the purrs and their grace.

So we adopted Senna and Max from the Central California SPCA. They are gone now, but not forgotten. I believe that those cats and those that have followed led my husband to his life of sobriety. They gave him love when he needed it and something to be responsible for. They changed both of us for the better.

I am thrilled to be able to honor Nuts'n Bolts and other animals in need with our program. We believe in the basics--spay and neuter, vaccinations, food when needed, enclosures, acceptance and love.

Our wish is that one day all dogs and cats will have someone to love them, care for them, and learn from them in hopes that shelters will truly be only shelters for the stray and not the abandoned or unwanted. Please join us in this endeavor.

Save a life---Adopt! Save thousands---Spay and Neuter