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Spencer - Before
Spencer Before

Spencer was snagged from his feral mom when she left him under a pickup truck.  Crusty eyed, runny nosed, ear mites, fleas, and more.  We hung in there with him and physically he is healed, but has neurological problems so he is a little wonky; but adorable!  So adorable that he got adopted into a great home!  Thanks to your support, he will have a great life!

Spencer - Now
Spencer Now



Dstreet was spotted as she stumbled across D Street in Madera and then collapsed at the curb.  Thankfully, a good sam picked her up and contacted us.  She needed immediate medical attention and thanks to your generous donations, we were able to save this purring little charmer.  She hasn't made a full recovery yet, but we are hoping for the best.  Thank you for helping us help Dstreet!



Poor Maddy was found at sunrise in a grape vineyard in September, with an open wound in her stomach about the size of a dinner plate.  Her loyal sister was right by her side and followed Maddy to safety.

After multiple vet visits and lots of honey, Maddy is fully healed from the damage caused by whatever attacked her.  Thanks to your donations, she is one lucky pup!


Pickle is a senior min pin that we pulled from the Madera Animal Shelter. While he is not considered completely blind, he can only see bright light. And since he does have some retna reaction, he may be a candidate for cataract surgery. He also has a large growth in his mouth that will be removed when we have his dental done. We are hoping for good news on the biopsy.

Pickle is a really sweet little man, that still prances when he walks, and he absolutely loves to be petted. We would love to be able to help him have a great life. With your generous donations, we can!




Parker was taken to the Chowchilla Police Department with an infected eye and a prolapsed rectum. His eye was removed and his rectum repaired. Without this surgery, he would have died. Your generous donations saved his life.

Susie Q

Susie Q is the only survivor from a litter that had severe neurological issues.  She may always be a special needs kitty, but we have high hopes for her to find a family of her own.



Gretchen was adopted from us as a puppy and returned three and a half years later through no fault of her own.  She had lived in the mountains so we had her tested for heartworm and she was positive.  Thanks to your donations, we had the funds to for this expensive treatment. 

Food for pets

Nuts'n Bolts is distributing dog and cat food to the homeless and low income people in Madera.  If you would like to donate food, you can drop it at Eno's Hardware at 1001 N Lake St in Madera or contact to arrange to have it picked up.
Thank you!

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to help animals in distress.  Please remember us so we will be able to help the next dog or cat in need!   We can't do what we do without your support.  Thank you!

Donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Our 501(c)(3) number is 45-2490926.

Our primary mission is to provide either low cost or free spay and neuter to low income families.  We have access to one of the best and lowest cost spay and neuter clinics in the Valley and we LOVE to take advantage of their prices!.  With your help, we can prevent unwanted litters from ever being born.

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Nuts'n Bolts Animal Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that believes in the basics of pet care: Spay and neuter, vaccinations, safe pet enclosures, food in emergencies, and that a pet is for life.

At times, we have other medical costs besides the spay and neuter.
Here are a few of them:



Skinny Minnie was handed over to a police officer at the Chowchilla shelter by a woman who simply drove off with no explanation. Minnie is missing hair on more than 50% of her body due to demodex mange. Minnie will require multiple vet visits before she is available for placement.

Four pound Cassidy's front legs are broken and have open wounds under the yellow smiley face tape. We don't know how they were broken, but instead of taking him to the vet, someone used sticks and tape to splint his legs which caused even more damage. He wore these for weeks before he was placed in a stranger's garbage can. Thankfully, she took him to the closest vet and one of our supporters saw the dog and decided he needed a chance... and contacted us.


Cooper getting a new splint

Cooper ran his neighborhood as a stray for months.  We happened to be there checking on some abandoned dogs on the same day he was hit by a car.  He is now on the mend and looking for a home.

Daphnee and Sebastian

Sebastian is a 6 week old, long haired, Manx who acts like he is Daphnee's big brother, even though they aren't related!  We heard there were two sickly kittens in our local shelter and we were fortunate enough to have the funds to take them straight to the vet!  We are glad we could help these two and we appreciate any donations towards their care!  We will also be looking for homes for them when they are healthy and altered!



On the 28th, a good Samaritan texted us a picture of a gaping wound on a dog.  We asked how big was the dog, could they drive him to the vet for us, and could they nurse him back to health until we could find a place for him.  She said yes and on the 29th, Chase became our latest patient of Dr. Khan at All Creatures veterinary in Fresno.  Chase's leg is now fully splinted with an opening so his wound can be cleaned daily. 



Little Leila was attacked by a dog and then tossed over the fence.  One broken rib and a punctured lung were the result, but she has been nursed back to health and she is a pistol that hates dogs!


Happy Hilda was pregnant, lost all of her puppies, and then had kidney issues--now she doesn't have a care in the world except her next feeding and  WHERE is her new home?




Libby was handed out on a street corner and was lucky to end up with Nuts'n Bolts.  Then her body grew too fast and we had to have her legs splinted so they wouldn't buckle.  Now she is spoiled rotten in her new home.


Piper had been hit by a car and wound up in the Madera shelter with a dislocated hip, We pulled her out, paid for her surgery, and she is now in a great home.


We don't look for medical cases but sometimes they are unavoidable.  Your donation helps to defray costs for animals that otherwise might not have a chance.

No donaton is too small and every penny is appreciated.  We believe that spay and neuter is crucial for the success of any campaign for no more homeless pets.

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Thank you for your generous support!